International Visa & Migration Services


Various Visa Programmes are usually complicated with regards to eligibility for entry requirements.

At Anderson Asia, our Visa Consultants provide professional analysis and guidance to assist our clients in
enhancing their chances of success in visa application.
Why you need a Visa & Migration Consultant?

1) Complicated Process

There are various types of visas available and the process of applying a visa is always tedious
and time consuming. Just for Australia’s visa application alone, there are more than 100 categories of visas.
With our professional guidance together with our overseas migration consultants partner, we advice our clients
throughout the entire process, we will assist our clients in enhancing their chances of success for the visa

2) Time Consuming Application Process
The whole process of the application is lengthy and time consuming and it prolongs over the months with lots of follow-up needed to be done. We ensure that all the documentation is
handled efficiently and proficiently.

3) Minimum delays @ minimal costs

Applications fees paid to the Department of Immigration are non-refundable regardless of the outcome of the
application. Any inaccuracy and/or errors in documentation will cause delays and affect the application’s outcome.
To avoid any delays and minimize the costs, we present our clients’ case to the Department of Immigration in themost favourable and comprehensive manner to ensure high success rate in the application.

4) Our Service Guarantee
Our commitment to offering our client a professional migration consulting service is of utmost important and our clients will be updated of their status regularly throughout the entire process.

If you are considering migration, talk to us. During the discussion, our consultants will provide
• A without obligation face to face discussion and thorough assessment of your personal profile
• Analysis on your eligibility requirements of your desired applicable visa programmes
• The breakdown of the application and service costs
• The estimated processing duration
• The stages involved in the entire process

Together with our overseas migration team, our expertise and knowledge on migration, we provide professional advice and assistance to many successful cases.


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